Self-Motivation: 9 techniques to motivate yourse

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Self-motivation is an enormously important quality.

If you can motivate yourself, you will achieve your goals.

In the end, you can turn it around however you want:

Self-motivation is an important foundation for success — in sports, at work, in life.

But how exactly…

Learning self-discipline isn’t that hard! In this detailed guide, you will learn 3 effective methods to build more self-discipline, perseverance, and self-control.

Image by Free-photos on pixabay

Did you know that?

Discipline is one of the qualities that contribute most to our well-being!

People with strong self-discipline are on average happier and more satisfied with…

Goals are important. They give our lives a direction, motivate us and drive us.

No wonder that there are many tips on how to achieve goals:

Set yourself SMART goals. Visualize your goals. Set yourself big goals in life! Hang up pictures of the goals you want to achieve in…

What benefits does meditating have?

The word “meditation” comes from Latin and means as much as: Thinking, contemplating, reflecting. Meditation has without question religious roots, but can also be practiced independently. Today more than ever, meditation is used as a method of relaxation and is sometimes used in psychotherapy.

Basically, meditation is a simple exercise…

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